Friday, March 03, 2006

Boy's Bathroom Challenge Nearly Over

Most of the work is completed. I still have to paint the ceiling, and put in a new floor, mirror and light fixture. But that will come in the next month.

Elijah will be home from his Maw Maw's house today. Sam goes to his Dad's tonight. Tommorrow, I start gathering the things I need for Elijah's first birthday, he is having an Elmo party on Saturday. I found someone who can make me a cake for a food allergic child. All I have to do is write down everything he is allergic to, and she will use substitutes in his "smash" cake. The sheet cake for the rest of the party attendees will be of normal ingredients.

Sam is doing well in school - his progress report shows all A's and B's. His ADD meds are working very nicely, he is able to focus in class a lot better.

Got laundry- want to get it all complete before Elijah comes home. I miss the little guy and want to play some before bedtime!

More later...... oh and here is my "after" pics of the "Bathroom from Hell"

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