Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rumor Has It

I was minding my own business last night, looking at Tony's purchases he bought off of Ebay shortly before bedtime, when my sister calls me with some ghastly news.

She told me I was going to have a new brother or sister.

"Do WHAT?" I asked, in my best Jeff Foxworthy's "You Might Be a Redneck" voice.....

"You're pregnant again??" No wait.... that can't be right.

Ok, so she is trying to tell me that my father got his girlfriend knocked up.

Impossible. They have only been dating a few weeks, and they are like... OLD. (ewwwww)

Kristen says it isn't impossible. She sounds serious.

Then I hear my beloved brother in law Stacy in the background. Ah HAH!!

He has been known to stir up trouble. He gets on the phone.

"What are you doin' gurl?" he drawls.....

No, the question is.. what are YOU doing??

His story has wayyyy too many holes in it. He said my uncle set them up months ago, when really they met online just recently.

My sister, who cannot lie without laughing had me more convinced.

Needless to say, I lost no sleep over the "joke" which they still say is true altho I confirmed that it wasn't.

Dad was in on it, and was expecting my call at 6:45 am this morning.

Ha to you Stacy and Kristen, don't worry, I still love you guys, but I am gonna get even one day.


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Quick Blurbs

This will be a busy week due to the fact that I will be going down to Orange Beach this week.

Tony and I will be going and taking the boys. I just can't leave Elijah for that long. And Tony doesn't have a clue what meds are for what and when so it is just safer I keep him with me.

My Aunt Reba Jo will be going herself. I personally cannot be around her for long periods of time. She smokes heavily, and is on O2 and can barely get around. I think she is in worse shape than Granny the cancer patient!! I have a real problem with smokers, those who pollute my clean air that I and my asthmatic children breathe.

So because of these factors, I have cut my trip short.

My father has a new girlfriend. I haven't met her, but those who have says she is cute. He probably met her over the net, he won't say where he met her. Her name is Naomi.

Our cat, Scrawny has taken to peeing on the beds. He has been quarantined for 3 days while I try to decide whether or not to put him down. He has bad serious behavioral issues before, and frankly I am past being done with him.

Sam helped with massive amount of laundry last night (due to cat pee). We put away clothes last night in no time while watching "friends" reruns. He is back in school, and of course, the weather warms up this week. Would have loved to have taken them to the zoo and to Tannehill State Park last week during Spring Break!!

Elijah is all about crackers. He says crackers all of the time. It is his first official word besides mamama and daddeeee. He knows how to identify and ask for crackers. It is soo cute!!

Going ice skating on Thursday before we leave to go out of town. Started a new workout routine in addition to skating, and I think it may be finally working!!!!! :)

Friday, March 24, 2006

A nice day off

I got rid of the kids yesterday.

My mother in law has had all four grandkids since yesterday.

I wonder if she has keeled over yet. I thought she may have gone mad at first.

She had my nephews Chris (10) and Blake (4).

Top that with a 12 year old, and a 1 year old, who thinks he is 2.

I think I am gonna have to go and rescue her shortly. But only after I finish a few things and get a nice long shower.

I got nearly all of the laundry done, which had grown to a huge pile, thanks to a certain cat who decided to pee on our bed, and Sam's bed.

He's gotta go.

I have to finish childproofing with a few nifty things that I ordered. The rest should come by this weekend.

I went out last night with my friend Joe and his wife Christy. Christy made an excellent pasta dish, with shrimp. I think she missed her calling, and should become a chef. We had a good time, they didn't have their son Dawson, so it was really great we could have some grown up time.
Tony stayed home. I am not used to him coming in so early.

Gotta scoot so I can get finished up. :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mommy's Over-reaction

During a diaper change yesterday morning, I found that Elijah had a knot in his groin.

This was a new thing for me.

I freaked. But not at first.

I first went to the internet, where my over analytical self googled "lump in groin".

Never google a medical symptom, you will get all kinds of horror things.

This particular search told me that Elijah had cancer.

I called my good friend and neighbor, Jean, and she ran over. She had no idea what it was, so she told me to call his pediatrician.

Dr. P told us to come on in this morning. I had described it to his nurse yesterday, who apparently misunderstood it's location, and had Dr. P worried. He thought it was a hernia.

It is just swollen lymph nodes, probably from some sort of bacteria from a scratch he had.
Everything else checked out fine.

I got a lesson on how Lymph Nodes work, and when to be concerned. I could tell Dr. P was pretty relieved, Elijah has had so many problems in his first year.

That baby certainly keeps me on my toes, and because of him I learn something new everyday.

In Sammy news, we had a skateboard floated into the underground drainage pipes yesterday.

It got stuck under Ms. Debs driveway, and Tyler could not get it out. Boy was Sam mad at Tyler for getting it there. It was his good board, it cost a lot of money.
Since I grew up on this street, and ran into similar issues as a child, I referred Sam to the neighborhood professional stuck in drain toy getter outter........ my father.
He got a 2x4, and lifted the concrete cover next to the drive and propped it on to some concrete blocks. Tyler got it out, since he was the reason it was there in the first place.

It is only Wednesday...... 4 more days till school starts back.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Early Morning Thoughts.... Day 2 of Spring Break

After a very wet day yesterday, we have a majority of our spring cleaning blitz done.

I cleaned closets, reorganized drawers, and sorted thru clothes that no longer fit the boys to put in the yard sale I am having in a few weeks.

Half the basement is now full of stuff. This sale is going to be HUGE!

Tony already said I could hang on the money made from the sale, so I can go yard saleling.

Ebay is calling me back. It is time to go seaching for collectibles to sell.

Sam's room even got cleaned. Sort of...... Unfortunately, telling him he could keep the money he makes from selling his old outgrown toys didn't motivate him to add anything to the pile.

Elijah woke up at 5 again. Tony's work schedule has changed dramatically, he is getting up earlier and is out the door by 6:15. So Elijah is getting up too. I think I like this schedule. I get things done a lot earlier.

Supposed to be cold and dreary this week. Sam is down inthe dumps, his buddy is going to Six Flags for 4 days. I told Sam I would rather be home and dry, and not to fret. I was hoping to take the kids to the zoo, but it will be too chilly. Probably going ice skating tonight after Tony gets home from work.

Next week I go to Orange Beach to help my grandmother recoup from surgery to remove the cancer they found in her colon.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring Cleaning

It is Spring Break for Sam, and Spring Cleaning for me!

Since he is home, and the weather is not warm enough to go partying out..... I am taking full advantage today!

Closets and drawers will be blitzed, along with Sam's room. Yard sale 3 Saturdays from now.

Along with the spring cleaning, is a new beginning. Tony started his new job today! He seemed really excited to start. He left work last Friday, after working only 2 hours. Can't blame him there. This weekend was fun, he was back to his old self.

In fact, I think his new job is what inspired me to do spring cleaning.

No idea why.

Sam's room is horrific, the cat goes under the bed, and you cannot find him anywhere. I think he gets lost himself.

That will be solved today.

I ordered two saftey gates today, along with some child proof gadgets I had no idea they made.

Did you know you can get a lock for your VCR to keep little fingers and toys out of it?

Or a case to go over your power strip??

Can't wait till they get here.


Friday, March 17, 2006

End of a Chapter and a New Beginning

Today is the much anticipated last day of work for Tony.

He starts his new job on Monday. I hope he enjoys it, I think he will.

Goodbye to the middle of the night phone calls.

Goodbye to never knowing what one day to the next will bring.

Goodbye to never having dinner with the rest of the family.

Goodbye to missing anymore of Elijah's milestones.

Goodbye to 17 hour + days.

Hello to a new beginning!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"Cancer Schmancer" Thanks Fran!!


Granny went to see the surgeon today, and my uncle went with her. They are very optimistic that her cancer was found in its very early stages.

She has surgery on the 30th, and is expected to be in the hospital 3-7 days depending on how well she does in the aftermath.

No chemo or radiation is expected, the surgery will likely take care of it.

She seems relieved that she finally knows what is making her so sick, and that it is fixable.

I plan on going down on the 29th, with Elijah staying at his grandmother's house for a long weekend.

She is a lucky lady - another reason why having a colon check up on a regular basis is very important!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Scary News

I write this with a heavy heart and a knot in my stomach. My uncle has just informed me that my dear Granny has just been diagnosed with Colon Cancer.

We do not know what stage. She had a colonoscopy today. The doctor who performed the scope has said he believes it was caught early, and the tumor is a small one.

She sees the surgeon tommorrow after being admitted in South Baldwin County Hospital in Foley, AL.

I know my grandmother. She WILL refuse treatment. Even if it is treatable. They have told her, but no one knows what she is thinking, she is too groggy from the procedure for anyone to tell.

I will know more tommorrow.


Friday, March 10, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Elijah Cole!

What a fun day at the park - Late spring like temperatures, and I have my first farmers sunburn of the year!!

We have discovered Joe Tucker Park, and the new additions. What fun! One playground is padded so if the little people fall, they don't get hurt.

I think Elijah's favorite is the swing. See the picture - it tells all!!

Tommorrow is his birthday party, and there will be a lot of people coming to have cake and ice cream!!

More pics tommorrow :)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

One Year Ago Today

It seems just like yesterday.

On March 9, 2005, I went to my job at Macy's, a short shift of 1pm to 5pm. I had shortened my hours due to being hugely pregnant with Elijah, and because he was resting on my sciatic nerve, I had severe back pain.

I was having irregular contractions all day, due to taking my sister's advice of walking the stairs. I help Charlotte clean the sterling silver bay, windexing the daylights out of it. I also predicted I would not be back at work the next day. I left around 4:30, because of fears of getting stuck in traffic while having contractions. Of course I didn't share this with anyone at work. I kinda kept it all to myself, in case I was wrong.

By the time I returned home, my contractions had subsided to zilch. Nada. I ate a brownie my neighbor made for dinner (yeh great diet) as I wasn't really hungry. I was too depressed that I was not in labor. I retired at about 9:30, and even Sam was down. He told Elijah thru my belly he needed to hurry up and come out and play.

He must have heard that order.

At approximately 11 pm that night, I woke up to go to the bathroom. I didn't realize at the time I was soaked, and that I hurt. I just knew I had to pee. When I got up water trickled everywhere. I was wide awake then and knew it was time to go. I tippy toed to the office, where I forgot we were in the process of moving it downstairs and there was not a cordless phone to be found. I had planned on having everything ready in the car, because I just knew Tony would freak. I wound up having to wake Sam because he had the cordless last. Tony heard the phone dialing and woke up. The good Doc said to come on in. Of course, if the car had wings we would have been airborne.

Five hours later, and a very easy delivery, on March 10th, at 4:54 am, Elijah Cole came into the world squalling his head off. He loved to be held, and became quite spoiled by it. Such a cutie.
Hard to believe he is a year old tommorrow.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A New Playmate

We were on our what has become a daily walk in our Harley Davidson Wagon, when we ran into a neighbor around the corner who has a grandson Elijah's age. We got to talking and Logan is only a few months older than Elijah is and I offered him a ride in the wagon. They had a ball! They are the same size, and were so adoreable together. We hope to get together often so the boys can play and we can have adult conversation while they play.

Sam went off skateboarding with Tyler, pink eye looks much better. Now I have it... grrrrr....
But we have the drops which for $53 we can all share.

I am starting an exercise program TOMMORROW. I haven't skated in two weeks, and I feel like a cow. Nothing fits right. Some serious water drinking, diruetic taking, sit-ups and weight training starts tommorrow. I have no idea when I will get back on the ice again.....

I also have another neighbors grandchild, Zachary for the next 3 days while mom goes to school and works, and grandma works the home and garden show. He is so imaginative, such a good four year old. We will have a great time!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ever Have One of Those Days??

This is a day where I cannot seem to get anything accomplished.

I have a mountain of laundry to do, and some straightning up around the house, but I cannot get motivated.

I am trying to reason with myself for my laziness.

Last week, I spent 5 days straight in a rather small bathroom. I stripped wallpaper, spackled holes galore, sanded the walls, and painted, scraped and re-accessorized.

All while keeping the house neat and laundry up.

Yesterday, I accomplished what many cannot do. I did our taxes for the very first time.

No short form for us. We want all that is due, so I filed every deductible I could think of.

I am quite proud.

Sam is home from school for pink eye. He is getting much accomplished today - he has cleaned his room and made his bed, and now he is helping his grandfather clean up his yard, and earning $10 at the same time.

He will probably get more if I know my dad.

Did you know that a tiny bottle (less than 1" tall) of pink eye antibiotic drops costs $53???!!!!!
I told Sam he better not squirm when I put these thing in.

I did sweep, mop and make the bed. And, I guess I will go put some laundry away now.
I'd rather read a book.

A mommy's job never ends :)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Wheezing and a Sneezing and a very Pink Eye

Gonna be an interesting week.

Sam's school nurse called, just when I was sitting down to do our taxes, myself, for the first time. Said his eye was hurting. Nothing to come running for, just wanted me to be aware.

He has come home with the Pink Eye. Eeech!!
No school tommorrow, just to the pharmacy for pink eye meds.

Meanwhile, the little man got a new Harley Wagon for his birthday. It was a throw out from Children's, and all it needed was a couple of screws replaced. It is an awesome wagon, and we were out in it today... A LOT.

Big Mistake.

He is now broke out in eczema from head to toe. Nose running like a water faucet, and wheezing something awful.

Poor little guy!

I have brought out the zyrtec and albuterol. Along with the Elidel, Locaid and some steroid I cannot pronounce much less spell.

Perhaps it will get better............

Friday, March 03, 2006

Boy's Bathroom Challenge Nearly Over

Most of the work is completed. I still have to paint the ceiling, and put in a new floor, mirror and light fixture. But that will come in the next month.

Elijah will be home from his Maw Maw's house today. Sam goes to his Dad's tonight. Tommorrow, I start gathering the things I need for Elijah's first birthday, he is having an Elmo party on Saturday. I found someone who can make me a cake for a food allergic child. All I have to do is write down everything he is allergic to, and she will use substitutes in his "smash" cake. The sheet cake for the rest of the party attendees will be of normal ingredients.

Sam is doing well in school - his progress report shows all A's and B's. His ADD meds are working very nicely, he is able to focus in class a lot better.

Got laundry- want to get it all complete before Elijah comes home. I miss the little guy and want to play some before bedtime!

More later...... oh and here is my "after" pics of the "Bathroom from Hell"

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Trying Times and Awesome News

Good news is always best first - Tony got a new job!! I am so tickled for him - the last year has not been easy. We never see him, and when he is home, he is always on the cell phone for one petty problem after another. Even in the middle of the night. It sucks - but it will soon be over. YAY!!!

He will be traveling more, but home more too. Seems that this job will be more structured, and he will like this one better, I think. Plus it is right here in Alabaster. YAY!!! Maybe we can do lunch like old times :)

I am still working in the Bathroom from Hell. The paint is on, just have some piddly stuff to finish up. I am too tired tonight tho.

Elijah is walking everywhere. He has been epescially good while I have endured this challenge. Sam has been the best though. The night of the wallpaper stripping, he changed Elijah's poopy diaper!! And he got the diaper on straight!! I was amazed. Of course, it cost me tho........ :)

Elijah learned two new words this week. He said Bye Bye when he waved, and today he looked at the cat and said "mow mow". Now, I know that isn't a word, but we knew what he was trying to say.......