Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Poo Poo Picasso

I HAVE to tell the story of Poo Poo Picasso. The other day, I went to check on Elijah after my shower, who was taking his morning nap or so I thought. When I entered his room, he was standing in his bed, oh so quietly, and covered in poop. So were the walls, the crib, the blankets, his face, hair and clothes. His clenched fists were full of it too. Never have seen so much poop. I gagged. It was sooooo gross. I snatched him up, doo and all, and hauled him into the bathroom, where we got more on the floor, as I tried to do a pre- rinse, before the initial rinse and soak. I didn't have my ears on, and was expecting my best friend Joe to come over at any time. So while I rinsed, wiped and washed, I yelled, "Joe - come on up, I NEEEDD you". He is a stay at home Dad of a special needs child, so I knew he wouldn't be new to this. He gagged too when he finally arrived, but boy was he a big help. We cloroxed, we used some stuff Tony brought home from the hospital the cleaners use to kill germs. We duct taped his diaper so he wouldn't / couldn't take his diaper off again. Ugh!!!!

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