Monday, February 20, 2006



I am Stephanie, married stay at home mom of 2. My sons, Sam age 12 going on 17, and Elijah, 11 months are either napping or watching tv. Today we have to bake a cake for their father who has a birthday tommorrow. That and do a little shopping for a gift.

Elijah, who has his first birthday in a couple of weeks, learned to run this weekend. We were playing chase, when he forgot his faster mobility method was crawling, did a very fast bowed legged run across the room. He has been walking some for the past 6 weeks, but discovering he can actually run has increased his confidence quite a bit.

Sam is out of school for President's Day. He will be going ice skating later with a friend. He is an A/B honor student in 6th grade. A good, kid, for the most part.

Will write more later. Got to start on that cake!!

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