Thursday, February 23, 2006

Birthday Blues and an Ice Skating Boo Boo

Yesterday was my birthday. My friends and the rest of the family made it great thru the day! My next door neighbors Jean and Clint threw me a birthday party! They had a cake, and homemade vanilla ice cream and presented me with a beautiful assortment of flowers which I NEVER GET. The boys were there, my dad came and Laura (their daughter, who we were raised together like sisters) Nothing wild, just a good time talking and laughing while eating cake and ice cream and watching Elijah explore. Sam was real good and helpful all day, he felt bad that his step father didn't take him to get me a card, so he gave me a stick of juicy fruit gum for my birthday. Sweet (the kid and the gum!!)
Then the hubby came home. I was disappointed (still am) that he didn't and never does anything for me on my birthday. He just doesn't think they are special. That isn't how I was raised, most people celebrate their birthdays in some form or fashion, and most husbands treat their wives to dinner or something for their birthdays. Not mine. Of course he was apologetic, he always is - but after nine years, it is getting old. This time he says he didn't have time, but he has known for 365 days my birthday was coming, did he think it was just going to go away???
But the blow would have been a lot worse had my sweet friends not did what they did to make me feel special. It was a really nice surprise!!

Went ice skating today!! Part of my "present" aside from last night's party, Jean offered to keep Elijah for me while Clint and I went ice skating!! It is always fun to go when there are not any "wall huggers" and I love to watch the figure skaters. Today, I was feeling much more confident in trying new things, when all of the sudden, I was doing something, and down I go and land right on my bad knee. Not only was the floor COLD, but my knee was nicely busted up. I have a knot, and a lovely little blue and purple bruise on it now. It smarts. And I am quite proud of it. They say that if you go ice skating and you never fall down, it means you are not trying something new. Well I did, and I fell and I am still alive, and it was a lot of fun!

I cannot wait till Elijah is 2 ish then I will have him on the ice with me.

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